• To  develop and promote takaful business as a viable and vibrant  solution to conventional insurance
  • To provide a conduit for exchange of information on all among members of takaful business
  • To provide avenues for retakaful exchange among takaful operators
  • To facilitate training for members, via collaboration with associations and  institutions
  • To co-ordinate with members to provide internship programs
  • To establish an infrastructure of statistical database and industrial reporting for research and reference
  • To coordinate with appropriate institutions and establish a comprehensive database on various Shariah  rulings for research and reference
  • To provide platforms for discussion and formulation of industry recommendations
  • To represent and promote the best interests of members when dealing with authorities and other stakeholders

E-Form / Completed Application Form should be sent to email: secretariat@globaltakafulgroup.org or Fax: +603-2182-1999